Our Staff

Mrs S.M. Wickens


Mrs Wickens is the Head Teacher. She retains a teaching role, teaching throughout the school.
Areas of leadership include:- Teaching and Learning, Wellbeing, DSP, Mental Health lead, STEPS Behaviour lead and R.E.

Senior Leaders
Mr A Young

Senior teacher

Mr Young is our senior teacher, who teaches Y5/6.
He also leads Computing and Science throughout the school.

Mrs K Feeley

Inclusion leader

Mrs K Feeley is our Inclusion leader, with responsibility for SEND.
Mrs Feeley works on a Tuesday at Great Gaddesden School.

Mrs Ansell


Mrs Ansell currently works at our school on a Friday morning.
We look forward to Sept. '21, when she will be joining Great Gaddesden School on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.
As a STEM facilitator, Mrs Ansell will be leading Science throughout the school. She is also qualified Forest School leader and will be developing RE in school with Mrs Wickens

Office Staff
Mrs A Birch-Palmer

Office lead + Pastoral Support


Mrs Birch - Palmer is our Office lead.
Mrs Birch - Palmer's role includes being a pastoral champion for our children. This role include DSP (deputy) and Mental Health support.
She can be contacted on 01442 255734.
Mrs Birch-Palmer works on a Tuesday - Friday.

Mrs J Lewis

School Office

Mrs Lewis supports Mrs Birch-Palmer in our School Office. Mrs Lewis leads the finances in the office and supports Mrs Birch-Palmer with the administration.
Mrs Lewis works on a Monday.

Teaching teams  
EYFS team:  
Mrs S Letheren

EYFS Teacher

Mrs Letheren leads our Early Years Foundation Stage unit. She teaches on a Monday, Tuesday and Wedneday morning.
Our EYFS unit includes Nursery children (a.m.) and Reception children (all day).

Mrs E Redman

Early Year Practitioner

Mrs Redman is our EYFS Practitioner and is a full time part of our EYFS team.

Mrs C. Benson

EYFS Teacher

Mrs Benson teaches in our EYFS unit on a Wednesday afternoon, Thursday and Friday

Key Stage 1 : Years 1/2 
Mrs De Roufiggnac

Y1/2 class teacher

From June 8th, Mrs De Roufiggnac will be teaching Y1/2 on a Monday, Thursday and Friday.

Mrs Wickens


From the week beginning June 8th, Mrs Wickens will be teaching Y1/2 on a Tuesday and Wednesday.

Ms A Robertson

Teaching Assistant

Ms Robertson is the full time Teaching Assistant, supporting the children in Year 1/2 .
Ms Robertson all runs our Breakfast Club.

Miss J Carty

Year 1/2 Teacher

Miss Carty will shortly begin maternity leave.
Subject leader role includes English

Key Stage 2 : Years 3/4 
Mrs D Lilley

Year 3/4 Teacher

Mrs Lilley teaches our Year 3/4 class.
Subject leader roles include Maths and Humanities (History + Geography)

Mrs S Crosby

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Crosby supports our children in our Year 3/4 class

Years 5/6    
Mr A Young

Year 5 + 6 teacher

Mr Young, our Senior Teacher, has responsibility for Year 5 + 6.
He leads Computing, Science and PE throughout the school

Mr G Raisbeck

Teaching Assistant

Mr Raisbeck works with Mr Young with our Y5/6 children, supporting them with their learning.