Church School Status

A faith school with strong Christian values

As a Church of England Voluntary Aided school, we have very close geographical and community links with St John the Baptist Church next to the school and we are part of the St Albans Diocese of schools. We overtly teach our children about Christianity and encourage them to develop Christian values like sharing, perseverance and love. A weekly service and regular visits from the clergy support our collective worship programme. As part of the National Curriculum, our RE classes also teach the children about other faiths. We welcome children of all faiths and no faith and the atmosphere is friendly and happy, with well-behaved pupils and a positive learning environment. In addition to OFSTED, as a church school we also receive a SIAMS inspection.
Collective Worship
Collective Worship is held each day at school and we light a candle, saying a prayer at the start or end of each session.
On a Friday, we gather together for Collective Worship at the Church at 9 a.m. Parents/carers are welcome to join us at this service which lasts on average 15-20 minutes and is taken by a Church leader.
Strong Community Links
We use the church regularly throughout the school day for our Collective Worship as mentioned, RE Lessons and also as an outside learning environment for a variety of topics. Our infamous "egg rolling" competition takes place each year on the church grounds and last year we also re-enacted Palm Sunday at the church! Additionally our School Plays and End of Term services take place at the church.
Throughout the year, the church holds different celebrations on Sundays. In the past year, pupils have been present at the Remembrance Day Service, Christmas Carol Services and for Easter and Mother's Day. The school aims to encourage pupils to attend church once a term. Our most recent participation was on Mothering Sunday when pupils sang as a group during the service and handed out posies made by our school pupils to the women to celebrate Mothering Sunday.
The School and Church "Friends" Associations have also held joint fundraising ventures in recent years, including our Summer Fair in July.
Services are held at St John the Baptist each Sunday at 10:30 a.m. A family service is held every second Sunday of the month.