Primary Maths Challenge

20th November 2014

Mid-November is the time when the Primary Maths Challenge is set. A selection of children in Years 4 - 6 took part in the challenge this year, which included 25 questions, some of which were extremely challenging!

Examples of the types of questions included in the challenge:

A train leaves Eltham Station at at 10:37, arriving at London Bridge at 11:05.  On its way it stops at 4 stations, spending an average of 45 seconds at each station.  For how many minutes between Eltham and London Bridge is it actually moving.

It is my birthday AND therefore, my birthday cake.  I can eat a quarter of it, but then must divide the rest into 6 pieces for my 6 brothers.  What angle (at the centre of the cake) will each brother take?

All children who took part in the challenge will receive a certificate for their hard work, determination and perseverance with some very challenging Mathematics!