Improving Writing

25th October 2013

This academic year, we are having a whole-school focus on improving writing. This work will include improvements to: Spelling and grammar; the physical craft of writing (i.e. handwriting and presentation) as well as the ability to plan, structure and write a range of high quality fiction and non-fiction texts. We have already started to see some terrific examples of high quality writing across the school.

WALT:  Use describing words.

The leaves were rustling in the trees and falling on my head.  I jumped in them for fun.  Golden, yellow leaves were twirling in the trees falling on the ground.  Wonderful ruby red leaves falling on the ground.  I picked one up - it was so crunchy I took it home.

Jak, Year 2

One morning in the crispy, warm and sunny wood I walked across the crooked bridge when I saw golden, yellow leaves rustling away.  The grass was so green I couldn't believe my eyes.  As I walked through the noisy leaves I saw a world of trees and leaves.  There was a smell of smoke in the distance it looked like the leaves were dancing and prancing like they were real.  It looked wonderful, I felt so happy.

Nancy, Year 2

WALT:  Write a myth.

Long, long ago in a mysterious place, where the anxious waves thrash against the rocky shore, there lives a Shadow.  This daring, dangerous dragon perches high and proud on a magnificent rock; which stands, overlooking the deep sapphire sea.  The venomous tongue of this horrifying beast can turn anyone that is heroic enough to trespass on his territory into burning ashes.

Josh, Year 6

WALT:  Complete a legend in the appropriate style.

He then tugged his arrow a bit further back in despair, aimed it at the warden on the right, then TWANG!  The hooded man released the string, and with a loud thump he crashed clumsily to the ground.  Wearing his emerald green cloak, he notched another arrow to the bowstring; pulled it back then the glimmering arrowhead plunged into the wardens back.  The muscular man tumbled to the floor sending Autumn leaves scattering into the sky.

Callum, Year 5