Digital Safety

At Great Gaddesden School, we works hard to ensure that pupils are provided access to IT knowledge and skills, preparing them for life in the world in which we live. 
All pupils have regular opportunities to access a range of different devices and software, in order to support their learning across the curriculum. 
E-Safety is an area of particular importance at Great Gaddesden and  this is reflected in our Home School Agreement. We teach all children to understand how to use technology safely, both inside and outside school.
School equipment is regularly monitored by staff and any inappropriate use will be flagged to parents/carers in the first instance as in line with our e-safety policy.
Our school internet code is below for your reference.  

The Internet Code

Pupils will:

  • ask permission before using the internet
  • only make searches as instructed by staff
  • only create content, including photos/videos, that support the tasks we are working on
  • turn off my monitor/tablet and tell my teacher immediately if I accidentally find anything that make me feel uncomfortable.
  • only use my school email account when directed to, by a member of staff.
  • only send an email that has been  approved by staff
  • only send e-mails that are polite, friendly and responsible
  • if using e-mails, I will only open them if it is sent from someone I know
  • never give my personal details, including   my name, phone number and home
  • never arrange to meet anyone I do not know
  • never use internet chat rooms or other forms of social media at school
  • behave responsibly when using IT
  • I know that my use of IT will be monitored and that my parent/carer
  • I will be contacted if a member of staff is concerned about my use of e-Safety