Mr Dickson's Centenary Year!

12th October 2013

Earlier in the year, Mr Dickson had his 100th birthday! Last week, Mr Dickson came into school to share some of his birthday celebrations with us. This included a framed letter from Queen Elizabeth II; a hand-made clock made by one of his friends and simply hundreds of cards! Mr Dickson also shared some of the experiences that he has had in his 100 years, including fighting in World War II. Our children asked incredibly thoughtful and wise questions and listened beautifully to his stories. We were all in no doubt that we are truly lucky to have Mr Dickson as part of our school community.

Mrs Waites had made a chess themed cake and many of Mr Dickson's past and present chess players had created a book of memories and photos for him.   His message to the children on living a long life was, quite simply,  "Do nice things for other people."