Our Staff

  • Mrs Sarah Wickens



    Mrs Wickens is our school Head Teacher and also retains a teaching role, covering staff planning time, and teaching various subjects.

  • Mrs Candy Jessop

    Senior Teacher & Year 3/4 Teacher

    Mrs Jessop is our Senior Teacher. Mrs Jessop teaches Years 3 and 4 alongside Mrs Lilley and is also the subject leader for Science and Music. Additionally, Mrs Jessop is the school SENCO with responsibility for SEND.

  • Mrs Chloe Benson

    EYFS Teacher

    Mrs Benson leads our Early Years Foundation Stage class which includes Nursery and Reception.

  • Miss Jess Carty

    Year 1/2 Teacher

    Miss Carty teaches our Year 1/2 class. She is also Computing subject leader.

  • Mrs Debby Lilley

    Year 3/4 Teacher

    Mrs Lilley teaches our Year 3/4 class alongside Mrs Jessop. Mrs Lilley is also subject leader for Humanities (History and Geography) and the Arts across the school.

  • Mrs Cheryl Todiresei

    Year 5/6 Teacher

    Mrs Todiresei is our Year 5/6 Class Teacher. She is also subject leader for Maths and PE.

  • Mrs Jane Batson

    Nursery Nurse

    Mrs Batson is our Nursery Nurse and works with Miss Ayres and Mrs Waites in EYFS.

  • Mrs Vicky Waites

    Teaching Assistant

    Mrs Waites works with Nursery and Reception and Years 5 and 6 and also has responsibility for Forest Schools.

  • Mrs Angela Robertson

    Teaching Assistant

    Mrs Robertson works in Year 1/2 alongside Miss Carty.

  • Mrs Sue Crosby

    Teaching Assistant

    Mrs Crosby works in our Year 3/4 class with Mrs Lilley and Mrs Jessop.

  • Mrs Anna Birch-Palmer

    School Secretary


    Mrs Birch - Palmer is our School Secretary and oversees the School Office. She can be contacted on 01442 255734.

  • Mrs Jennie Lewis

    School Office

    Mrs Lewis supports Mrs Birch-Palmer with admin and finances in our School Office.

  • Mrs Jane Collier

    Cleaner in Charge

    Mrs Collier is our School Cleaner with responsibility for the school premises.