Year Three/Four

Gardening Challenge

Over half term, we would like you to create a plant holder using something that has been recycled eg. a wellington boot or a watering can. This can either be filled with plants or ready to be filled in school. These newly created planters will be positioned and cared for in our school garden to brighten up our environment. 

Please bring these recycled planters into school during the week beginning 7th June.  

In addition to this, the school is asking children to take a cutting from a well established plant at home and pot this up to generate a new plant. This will then be used in the new planters in the bark area that FOGGS have kindly made for each class. 

Please bring these newly generated plants into school on Monday, 21st June.

Welcome from Mrs Lilley


Welcome to our Year 3 and Year 4 class page.


Our class teacher is Mrs Lilley who is supported by Mrs Crosby.


This term, our class PE sessions are on a Wednesday and a Friday, so please ensure that your full PE kit is in school every week.

Below, you can find a copy of the curriculum newsletter for this class detailing the topics being covered each term including a copy of this half term's Homework Grid.



Links to all remote learning can be found on Google Classroom.

 The Classroom is called 'Yr3-4 classroom'

 You can access this by heading to and signing in using your Google account.

All login details have been sent via Parent Coms.


Thursday the 17th will be our special Anglo-Saxon / Viking day. This is to support and inspire the children's learning in their current history topic.
If possible, it would be great if the children could come dressed up in Anglo-Saxon / Viking costume. Please don't feel you must but a costume - a carefully arranged blanket over some leggings will do!
We aim to spend the day making various crafts inspired by the vikings including, shields, purses and creating a giant longboat!
Many thanks for your continued support
Mrs Lilley
Home Learning for Years 3 and 4
How to print worksheets from the Oak National Academy website:-  
1) Please ensure that you are accessing the website through the Chrome Browser and you are logged into an active Google account (school or personal). 
2) As soon as you get to the worksheet section, the Google slides are automatically shared with your Google account. 
3) To access them, navigate to and click on the 'shared with me' button (usually on the left-hand side. You will then see the document from the lesson.
4) Click on the document to open it in a new browser. You will then the see the print icon to set up the printing of the document. 
If you are using an iOS or Android device, the same can be achieved by downloading the Google Chrome app and Google Drive app and logging in with Google account. 
Other useful information